Jenoco 16" Nylon Leg Gaiters - Waterproof Boot Cover Leggings For Men & Women

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Jenoco 16" Waterproof / Snowproof Leg Gaiters. These rugged nylon leggings will protect you in the winter and summer; they are great at keeping snow, water, sticks, pebbles, and dirt out of your boots or shoes.

These leg gaiters are one size fits all; made for both men and women. Great for kids as well. Features a pull string at the top, and a metal hook at the bottom (which attaches to your shoe or boot strings, to keep the gaiters firmly in place.)

These are full zip up gaiters, and they also have velcro over top of the zipper, for even more protection against the elements. Nothing will get into your shoes or boots when you are wearing these high quality leg protectors.


Genuine Jenoco Brand Product.

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