Jenoco 10pc HSS Power Bit Burr Set + 10pc Diamond Coated Power Bit Cutting Wheel Set Value Pack - For Power Drills And Rotary Tools

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This Jenoco 20 piece value pack includes 10 high speed steel (HSS) power bit burr bits and 10 diamond coated power bit cutting wheels (with 2 mandrels.) Perfect for cutting, grinding, notching, etching, carving, and engraving virtually ANY type of metal or stone etc.

The diamond coated power bit cutting wheels can cut through extremely hard metals, such as tungsten carbide, hardened steel, titanium carbide, chromium, and much more. They can also cut through stone, concrete, tile, gemstones, and much more.

The HSS power bit burrs work on softer metals (like copper, aluminum, etc.), plastic, fiberglass, wood, and more. They are an excellent choice for fine wood working tasks that involve small bits in order to get the job done. They can also be used for engraving wood etc.

All of the diamond coated power bit cutting wheels and the HSS power bit burrs have a common 1/8" shank. Compatible with power drills, cordless drills, rotary tools, and die grinders that have an 1/8" collet.



  • (10) Diamond Coated Power Bit Cutting Wheels
  • (2) High Quality Mandrels (for the power bit cutting wheels)
  • (10) HSS Power Bit Burrs (includes all of the most popular shapes and sizes)


Genuine Jenoco Brand Product.

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