Jenoco 10pc High Speed Steel Power Bit Burr Set - Fits Power Drills, Cordless Drills, And Rotary Tools (1/8" Shank)

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Jenoco 10pc power bit burr set with 1/8" shank. Fits power drills, rotary tools, and die grinders that have an 1/8" collet. Made out of high quality high speed steel (HSS). Perfect for cutting, grinding, notching, deburring, carving, and much more.

Works great on wood, plastic, pvc, fiber glass, soft metals, and more. Perfect when precision is needed; cuts fast due to its single cute design. Compatible with power drills / cordless drills, rotary tools, and most die grinders that have an 1/8" collet.

Ideal for wood working; can be used as router bits. Includes 10 different shapes and sizes - all of the most common / popular shapes. Easily fits into most tight areas, due to their small head size.

These power bits are rust resistant, and very durable - they are made to last for a very long time. Made from high quality HSS (high speed steel.)


Genuine Jenoco Brand Product.

UPC:  855814007024