Jenoco Metal Face Bolt & Performance Tip Variety Pack - Compatible With Takara Tomy And Hasbro Beyblades - 5 Face Bolts + 8 Performance Tips - Solid Metal

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Jenoco 13pc metal face bolt & performance tip variety pack - contains 5 solid metal face bolts + 8 solid metal performance tips (Compatible with Takara Tomy and Hasbro Beyblades) The 5 face bolts are all exactly the same, and the 8 metal performance tips will be a randomly selected mix of ball tip and cone tip metal performance tips (as shown in our photos.)

These metal facebolts and metal performance tips and made out of high quality metal, and they are SOLID metal. They are super durable and will not break like plastic face bolts and performance tips.

Metal facebolts and performance tips are far heavier than the plastic ones; they will add extra weight to your spinning tops, which will increase their defense and attack power significantly.

Also, using a metal performance tip allows you to use your spinning top on the bare ground, pavement, and concrete, WITHOUT causing any damage to it. Your spinning top will also spin for longer with a metal performance tip, due to less resistance.


Genuine Jenoco Brand Product.

UPC:  855814007208